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Our patients greatly appreciate them!

Thank you so much for our Charlee Bears! We received them early last week. Our patients greatly appreciate them! There is not one patient who doesn’t like them! Some even run straight into rehab and sit in front of the shelf where we keep them. I’m pretty sure they don’t even notice they are doing rehab, all they care about are the Charlee Bears!! Which is quite amazing. 

Once again thank you so much!

The Canine Rehabilitation Center
Walnut Creek, CA

Low Calorie Dog TreatsSage, Stewart & Anna Love Charlee Bear Treats

These are my three dogs that bring a smile to my face. They inspired me to become a dog trainer so that I may help current dog owners and their dog(s) learn how to communicate effectively and to help increase their bond to grow even stronger. My goal and hope is to help keep dogs in homes rather than shelters.

Courtney S.

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Low calorie dog treat low calorie dog treat dog treat

Lucy and Lexus

Both of my dogs (Lucy - 4mo old white husky/golden retriever mix) and (Lexus - 6 year old black Chow Chow/ Lab mix)absolutely LOVE Charlee Bear treats. I started taking them to doggy obedience classes and the trainer swears by these treats. I was reluctant because (i thought) my pups prefered a more softer/moist treat. However, they go CRAZY for these treats. I also love that they are only 3 calories. I can use them for training and not worry about ending up with an obese pet!

We train on a daily basis and these treats are perfect!

Thank you for providing tasty, low calorie treats for dogs! My 7 month old black lab loves these treats! So far her favorite is the Turkey and Cranberry. Next for my dog to try out is the new Chicken Soup and Garden Vegetable Flavor. We train on a daily basis and these treats are perfect! Especially on warm days outside! Other treats can be soft or get sticky. I really appreciate your care to make healthy, low calorie treats.

Sara K, Libertyville, IL

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Dog TreatsCracker Jack

“I’ve worked (hobby) with animals all my life, using treats as random reinforcement.  In 50 years (I’m 70) I’ve found no better treats than Charlee Bear dog treats.  I first found them at a local Big Lots.

The calorie count is very important.  My (camera shy) elderly Labrador Retriever is on a low-cal diet.  She tends to wander away a little – eye sight and hearing is going. But since using CB treats, she stays close on walks (we’re in the country) and asks for 1 treats before & after “using the yard".

For convenience, your pocket perfect treats are not crumbly or greasy, go directly from package to pocket.  The neighbor’s dogs discovered them when I baby-sat for them for 2 days.  CB treats assured that they stayed close when we went outdoors.  Now, whenever they see me, treats are expected…and given.

Our Jack Russell is a breed of dog that “needs a job”, thinks things out, can be stubborn, and makes independent decisions regarding his actions.  He enjoys learning new tricks and totally understands the outcome (CB treats!) He’s learned to sit, stay, roll over (multiple times), sit up and beg, jump through a hula hoop, jump over horizontal items (broomstick, leg, etc.) lie down, do a figure 8 through my legs, turn around 3 times, and then roll over – this is all 1 trick.

In the evening, he sleeps in a large wire kennel in our basement.  When he comes in from his last walk, he usually goes directly into the kennel, sits and waits for me to throw 5 CB treats among his toys and blankets so he can’t find the hidden treasure.

I’m going to do some agility work with him this year (just at home) and start with up and down ramp, tunnel and hurdles.  All he has to do is see the treat in my hands and we’re ready to learn.

Your 16oz. package is a good buy – even with 2 dogs (and neighbor dogs) and using a good handful a day, it lasts a long time.  We usually buy 6 bags at a time.

Your logo and name are cute and attention getting – that’s what first caught my eye in the store and then the 3 calorie star.

We’ve pretty much stopped using any other dog treat – it’s just CB and 2 regular meals for our pets (and our rescues and our neighbor dogs). Other products, especially rawhide or fake meat or bacon have made our pets sick to their stomachs and cost too much for the amount in the package.

Thank you so much for making this product – convenient, healthy, a good buy!  As long as you sell this product, we’ll buy it – and recommend it to our friends.
In Sincere Admiration,
Carol Eary
Lewis Loyd
Cracker Jack & Mirri”


Dog TreatsBetsy Ballard and Teddy

Your Charlee Bear dog treats are the perfect training and special treat. My puppy would rather have a few Charlee Bear treats than any other food and his ears perk up when I ask if he wants one. The comical thing is that you can find a handful of treats in every coat, jacket and sweater with a pocket. I've been known to pull out change to give to a clerk only to have half the handful be filled with Charlee Bears! I've purchased extra bags to give to friends who now are all converts. Large or small all puppies and dogs love the flavors, size and taste. I've never written to a dog product company, but simply had to do so now. I can't wait to find the turkey and cranberry and give my dog a special holiday treat. Keep up the good work AND the reasonable price!!!


Dog TreatsAll my foster dogs have enjoyed Charlee Bears

I just want to thank you for such a quality product. I have been involved with animal rescue for 8 years and my dogs and all my foster dogs have enjoyed Charlee Bears. All the foster dogs go to their new home with their own bag. My daughter's boyfriend's rescued chow is very picky about treats but he loves Charlee Bears. He runs to the pantry as soon as I walk into the house. He knows "gramma" will give him some. I have to admit that my 7 year old cat loves to get one from time to time. Again, thank you for a quality product.
Nancy and Moose, Georgia


Dog TreatsCharlee Bear Cranberry and Turkey are Cooper's favorite dog treats!

Charlee Bear Cranberry and Turkey are Cooper's favorite dog treats and, fortunately with his allergies, it is a treat he is allowed to eat. 

They are the perfect-sized treat for small dogs and because they are only 3 calories each, you can feed more than one treat and not feel guilty! Cooper is four pounds of pure love and a certified therapy dog.  He is quite a character! Cooper, Gidget and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas


Dog TreatsMeet Keifer!

Keifer is always concerned about staying fit and healthy so Charlee Bears are great because they are only 3 cal each. Keifer is a registered therapy dog, and is very talented at making people of all ages smile.



Dog TreatsThe Kissing Bandit!

This is Bart when we first got him. Thanks to Charlee Bear's caloric content, he is still slim and trim after nine more years. Charlee's has helped him on his walks, learning to wait as a car passes, etc. Also, all of his friends have learned to like them, so all of their "parents" carry them in their pockets as well. Thanks!

Mike & Ann


Dog TreatsThis is Charlie Bear!

He is a little puppy when we found Charlee Bear Treats at a pet store. We picked it up because they have the same name. Little Charlie loved Charlee bear and it became his favorite treat!


Dog TreatsMeet Buddy!

Buddy may look like a couch potato, but don't let his slight downtime fool you. He is full of energy when we go for a walk and when I work on his training!!! He loves Charlee Bear dog treats and with the low calories of each, I can give him a few at one time and not worry about his "doggish figure". They are a low cost treat and training tool that I can carry in my pocket and reward my best friend anytime he deserves.




Dog Treats Meet Charlie from Austin, Texas!

Thank you! Ironically, I have a yellow lab named Charlie. My nieces lovingly refer to him as "Charlie Bear".

Jonathan M., Austin, TX




Dog Treats

They love the crunch and the taste

I recently introduced Charlee Bear Egg and Cheese snacks to my three dogs who are 4, 10 and 12 years old. I tend to spoil my dogs with treats and at the same time watch what they eat..I love calorie content of your treats and at first I was afraid that because they were low in calories that this would make them unnappetizing...boy was I wrong!

From the very first day they tried them, they have been hooked on these treats. They love the crunch and the taste and I love how easy it is to carry them and give them as rewards.

You've got 4 new happy customers here!


Raul, Junior, Echo & Tubby Castro


Dog TreatsLow calorie treats alternative to carrots

Tessa luvs Charlee Bears any time of day or night. Crunchy, full of flavor, and a great low calorie treat alternative to carrots. We like them because they are can be kept at various spots in the house without us worrying about the treats getting old and stale. We never leave home without them. Thanks for making such a great treat for our little Tessa and other wonderful pets that enjoy Charlee Bears.



Dog TreatsSparky likes Charlee Bear dog treats!

Sparky looks exactly like the dog on Charlee Bear Dog Treat's bag. He is about 10 and is a mixture of about 10 breeds. he likes your liver treats.


Dog TreatsShe loves the Turkey and cranberry dog treats!

Proud owner of an American Pit Bull Terrier and grateful user of Charlee Bear Dog treats. Great full? Yes great full! She loves the Turkey and cranberry treats. I have been using your treats to train from 12 weeks her and she has responded with excitement to receive every time. Good to know there is a treat out there that isn't junk food and provides a positive response when rewarding your pet.



Dog Treats Testimonial from Arizona

I wanted you to know I have 3 old dogs. Old dogs get loose teeth and dental problems. Your treats are the best treats for old dogs with dental problems. They have no sugar (which most treats do and sugar is bad for dogs), they are crunchy but easy to bite like crackers, and my dogs like them. I am so glad I found these. They are the best for old dogs and wanted you to know. Without your treats my dogs would have no treats!!

Linda P., Prescott, AZ



Thanks so much!

Thanks so much! I never expected to get such personal service. I know Romeo and Juliette will be thrilled to find that there ARE Charlee Bear treats close by. I truly appreciate the awesome customer service.

Happy Holidays!!

CC Stone and "our kids".


Our two miniature schnauzers go insane for Charlee Bears

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great treat. Our 2 miniature schnauzers go insane for Charlee Bears. It's good to know that something they enjoy so much is good for them and won't contribute to "weight issues". Thanks again!



My dogs do indeed still LOVE Charlee Bear treats

My dogs do indeed still LOVE Charlee Bear treats----for two reasons---first, they are all Yorkies & most treats are just too big for them. The Charlee Bear treats are the perfect size for them. Also, they are low in calories & fat & all of my Yorkies have pancreatic issues so I have to watch the fat intake.

I tell everyone I know about them & my sister just told me last week that she got some at PETCO. I had never seen them there, only at my vets office which is on the oposite side of town. My girls (all four of them!) love the LIVER----Yummy!----lol.

Sincerely, Keri R. ,Harrisburg, NC



With Charlee Bear treats around, it's easy for me to be a good boy!

I'm a smooth fox terrier from NY and I just wanted to let you know that I love your dog treats (especially the cheese flavor)! They're tasty, great for training and easy to fit in my family's pockets when we go for walks. With Charlee Bear treats around, it's easy for me to be a good boy!

So, keep up the good work (and keep sending your treats to Petsmart!

Yours Truly,




My dog loves your treats

My dog loves your treats. Now I now she does not like healthy treats but yours are healthy and she loves them because of the flavor unlike some of the other brands. One she hates is rawhide. And you get more for your money with your dog treats.

Great job.




Thanks for producing these great products and for helping us to not only train our dog, but to keep him happy!

My good friend Otto the shih tzu is 1 1/2 years old. He is a great guy, a well behaved family member, and is able to do a few nice tricks (spin, paw, up-dance, etc...). Most of all he is a great listener and follows the most important commands (sit, come, stay, off, drop it, etc...). We owe some of this to his naturally good disposition and to our willingness to be consistent. However, we also owe a lot to Charlee Bear Liver Treats. Otto will do almost anything for a Charlee Bear. They are small enough to be comfortable for his little mouth, crunchy enough to be tactily satisfying, obviously are quite tasty, and they are thin enough to be chewed quickly and not put a damper on the next command and reward. The fact that they are only three calories means we can give them constantly. Charlee Bears have helped him to become more socialized with other animals and people as well, since we give folks a treat as they greet him. Lastly, since we discovered Charlee Bears and started leaving him a few around the few rooms that are his hangout area when we leave the house, he has stopped barking when we leave, which means he is more comfortable and therefore we are as well when its time for work and school.

We tell everyone about how great these treats are and advise them to get Charlee Bears for their dogs. I don't know how often people tell you about how much their pets love your products, but in case they don't, I've never had anyone come back and tell me anything except, "Wow - you were right, my dog loves 'em too!"

Thanks for producing these great products and for helping us to not only train our dog, but to keep him happy!

Peace, Ira , Lisa, Ilana Rose, Reuben, and of course - Otto



It wasn't until I came across Charlee Bear liver treats that I was truly satisfied

I am a college student and recently adopted dog owner. I had no clue how to train my dog, but after some reading, I found out doggy treats and rewarding positive behavior is most effective. I then went to several pet shops and gave my puppy all kinds of treats...but it wasn't until I came across Charlee Bear Liver treats that I was truly satisfied.

Ryan P. Tallahassee, Fl



Siberian goes crazy over your snacks

My Siberian and I came across Charlee Bear Treats about 10 years ago and to this day he goes crazy over your snacks. We started at a park they were giving away sample packs and that night; my dog wouldn't leave me alone. Now I have a second Sibe and between the two of them I can't keep your treats stocked in the house they look for their treats every morning as I get ready for work. I also have these two cubes http://www.bustercube.com/ that they are a perfect fit and give the dogs hours of enjoyment trying to get all the Charlees out of it. Thanks and keep up an EXCELENT Product.




Perfect sized snack for my 9 year old labrador guide dog

I first of all want to thank the Charlee Bear company for a great product. It is the perfect sized snack for my 9 year old labrador guide dog. I guess the most common use, I'm sorry to say, is to wake him up so he can "go to work or out. I don't know if I trained him, or he trained me. "smile" Anyway, I have been using your treat with him for about four years, maybe longer. And we recommend them to other guide dog teams and dog owners.

Don and Theresa S. with Guide Dog Nestor, Jacksonville, FL



Dancing on their hind legs

Oh MY!!! The girls are dancing on their hind legs like only a herd o'herders can dance. You have made our day. I have to tell you that the pockets that leave this house have Charlee Bears in them and we always offer them to dogs that we meet when we are traveling (including Europe).

Nance M., Tijeras, NM



Puppy absolutely loves Charlee Bear treats

We purchased a new puppy about 4 months ago and are enjoying him every day! Although we've purchased many different types of treats for him, he's never terribly interested in any of them. Then our vet recommended Charlee Bears.............I purchased a container of the treats at the vets office and took them home to see if our puppy, Reishauer, would enjoy them more than the others. To my amazement, he absolutely loved them. Since that day, we have been loyal Charlee Bear customers and have tried all of the flavors. His favorite is the cranberry treat! It's a rare day that I sit down to write a note such as this one. However, your product is so outstanding that I had to take time out of my day to say thanks. You and Charlee Bears have made our puppy very happy!

Nancy B., Pewaukee, WI



My dogs love Charlee Bear Dog Treats

17 years and eight generation of dogs later, my dogs love Charlee Bear Dog Treats just as much now as ever. I think we've used more than 1,600 bags of Charlee Bears: that's a quarter of million Charlee Bears! And they still sniff out every Charlee Bear in the house, my pocket, or in the yard.




Thanks for providing our dogs with good stuff

My beagle loves your cheese crackers, he would eat the whole bag if i allowed it, he usually does not like treats but loves these and i will have to admit, they do look good. Thanks for providing our dogs with good stuff



Perfect size for a quick treat while training

I am working with a three-year-old female Black Lab guide dog named Abbielynn. The school where I received her from treats their dogs for good behavior with these treats. Lynny really loves these. They are just the perfect size for a quick treat while training. Thanks for such a great product. Loved by Lynny my guide, and Guiding Eyes for The Blind. Keep up the great work.

Sincerely, Tiffany and Lynny



I would not consider using any other product to reward my dogs

The following is a testimonial from one extremely satisfied user. His results are probably singular in nature and he cannot recommend his experience as a veterinary treatment. This history is offered in the light of an interesting experience. Although I have no substantiated veterinary proof, but when I switched my dogs from an extremely popular liver treat to Charlee Bear treats, a most unbelievable thing happened! My female Maltese's body had subcutaneous cyst that was present for some time. It had gotten large enough to the point that I was considering surgical removal. After about 30 days of using Charlee Bear as the only treat mechanism, the cyst completely disappeared! Unbelievable!! Now, one can argue that this absorption of the cyst was totally coincidental. I can state with total assuredness that the cyst was present for some time and it wasn't until we switched to the Charlee Bear treat the cyst went away on its own accord.. I will also add that the introduction of the Charlee Bear treat was the only change to my pets diet. My dogs have been on Charlee Bear for the past four years and I would not consider using any other product to reward my dogs or help in any training process.

Warren K,. Charlotte, NC



Thank you for making a healthy dog treat

I just wanted to thank you for making a healthy dog treat. It is nice to feed my dog something better than a lot of that junk out there that they put on the shelves. Not to mention that Minnie just loves her Charlee Bear treats. I have been using them since she was a puppy, and also used them in her puppy training classes. Great product... keep up the good work!

Samantha K.



Thank you for providing such delightful treats

I purchased a package of CharleeBear treats thru Amazon (frankly to add enough $ to get free shipping when I was ordering Lupine collars)--I have German Shep ( Garbo ) with a most sensitive stomach and a Golden Retriever(Grits) with an iron stomach ( both rescues)--these dogs will now turn their wet noses up at any other treats ! Since we live on an Isand and walk the beach alot, all I have to do is let them see me put a few in my pocket and they always come when I call. Thank you for providing such delightful treats--and believe me, I have tried just about ALL offered on the market ! Sincerely and WOOF, Henny, Garbo, and Grits

Henrietta H., Edisto Island, SC





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