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Charlee Bear FAQS

All Natural Dog Treats
All Natural Dog Treats
All Natural Dog Treats


Where do you manufacture your treats?

Our Charlee Bear Dog Treats are manufactured in the USA. Our goal is to provide the most wholesome, delicious treats that your dog will love.

Can puppies eat Charlee Bear treats?

Puppies come in many different sizes and temperaments. It is important for you to use your good judgment and understand your puppy. If your puppy is old enough to chew and swallow kibble our treats should be fine. It is always important to observe your puppy when giving a treat to see if he/she is chewing and swallowing properly. When puppies are overly excited they may forget to chew. In an excited state any puppy could gulp something without chewing and cause choking so pet parents should be aware of potential problems. We would suggest waiting until at least 12 weeks of age before using any type of treat, and consulting with your veterinarian about appropriate treats for the specific breed, size and age of your puppy.

Can old dogs eat Charlee Bears?

Many old dogs love Charlee Bears because they are easy to chew and our simple ingredients make them easy to digest.

Can I give my dog Charlee Bears instead of food?

Although our treat is all natural and wholesome it was not formulated as a complete diet and should not be used as a food replacement on a regular basis.

How many calories are in each treat?

Each Charlee Bear Treat weighs less than 1 gram and is less than 3 calories. A typical medium size dog biscuit has 36 calories. This means that you can give your dog 12 Charlee Bear Treats and still be giving fewer calories than if you gave one medium size dog biscuit.

What kind of dog is on the package?

The dog on the package was Zach and he was a Charlee Bear Dog, a type of mixed breed that was bred in the 1990's. He weighed around 50 pounds. He helped start our business and came to all meetings. He was the company inspiration and still is our symbol.

How many Charlee Bear treats can I give my dog in one day?

The low calorie count of each Charlee Bear treat means you can treat your dog often throughout the day. The exact number of treats a dog should eat in a day depends on the size of the dog, the breed, the current activity level and whether or not the dog is currently overweight. Work with your vet to determine an ideal weight for your dog. You can use low calorie Charlee Bear Treats instead of high calorie rewards to provide a way to reduce calories and still keep the fun of rewarding and training.

Do Charlee Bear treats contain garlic?

We have researched the current concern about garlic and have been advised that at the level it is in our treats it does not present any problem. This tiny bit of garlic has always been a part of our recipe and we believe it helps give it the flavor dogs love. We have been making Charlee Bears for over 25 years and all of us have been giving them to our dogs for all of that time. Please go to Understanding Garlic by Dr. Dave Summers, and Is Garlic Safe or Not for more information on garlic.

Do Charlee Bear treats contain salt and sodium?

Our original treats have salt added at a very low level. Salt is about 1/3 sodium. The cheese and egg are slightly higher in salt/sodium due to the naturally occurring salt in cheese. Your dog would need to eat more than one-half bag of ch&egg treats, more than 250 treats and over 1 full bag, around 500 treats, of the other flavors, at one time to ingest 1 gram of sodium.

Do Charlee Bear Treats contain calcium, magnesium and phosphorus?

Our treats are considered low in calcium and magnesium and may contain small amounts of phosphorus from liver and wheat. A rough estimate on phosphorus would be .002 grams of a 1 gram treat.

What is the fat content of Charlee Bear treats?

Our treats are low in fat. Due to the small size of each treat there would be less than .05 grams of fat per treat in the Cheese&Egg Flavor and less than .03 grams of fat per treat in other flavors. A dog would need to eat 20 Cheese&Egg treats to get one gram of fat or 33 treats of any other flavor to get one gram of fat.

What is the protein content of Charlee Bear treats?

All of our flavors are regularly tested and have a minimum level of 18% protein. Dogs love the taste of real liver, cheese and eggs in our treats and those ingredients provide a good level of protein.

Charlee Bear Dog Treats and Bear Crunch treats Charlee Bear Dog Treats and Bear Crunch treats Charlee Bear Dog Treats and Bear Crunch treats Charlee Bear Dog Treats and Bear Crunch treats

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