Dog Treats, 3 natural flavors


Natural Dog Treats, only 3 calories each


Made in USA Dog Treats

For over 17 years we have been making our all-natural treats in the USA, with real, wholesome ingredients.   Some dogs have flavor preferences, but all love the crunchy wholesome taste of our treats. 

Dogs love the taste, the crunch and the aroma of our treats.  At only three calories each you will love giving them.  They are perfect for small dogs, large dogs and all dogs in between.  Use them to treat your dog anytime for great behavior for fun or just to say I love you.  


Our treats are ideal for training or anytime fun rewards.They are Pocket Perfect™ -- no stains, no smells, no grease, no crumbs in your pockets. You can be ready to reward your dog at any time – just throw some treats in your pocket and take them with you! On walks and outings or around the house you can always have a Charlee Bear Treat handy.


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