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Top Trainers use our delicious treats because dogs will respond over and over for them. If you are a trainer, please read more.


Our low-calorie dog treats (only 3 calories each) are healthy and made in the USA with natural ingredients. The special baking process we use makes our treats light, crunchy, low in calories and "pocket perfect".


When CharleeBear Products started, we were one of the first companies to recognize the importance of natural ingredients and low calories.


  • My dog loves this treat. It was so easy to train him with these. i will be switching to them and can’t wait to buy more he lovvvveeesss them. Dog lovers, this is a must to buy.

    Sasha R.

  • My dog fell in love with these treats, and I love the fact that they are healthy for him, I will definitely be buying this product! Awesome.

    Sharon B.

  • My dog loved them. Its a good training treat. She loved the flavors. She wags her tail every time i take out the bag.

    Jamie M.

  • My dog loved these. He would go to the pantry, sit and look up at the door until I gave him a few.

    Amanda Y.

  • I have two very picky doggie eaters so I was worried that they wouldn't like these treats. I was pleasantly surprised that they did in fact love these treats!

    Bob G.

  • Excellent treat for obedience. My dog love these treats and he's pretty picky with his snacks. I use this treat to reward him on excellent behavior.

    Lisa G.

  • My dog really enjoyed this treat. She kept looking for more when the bag was done. Smelled good to me as well.

    Mario L.

  • My small dog is very headstrong and I use small treats to get her to mind me when we are in an un-fenced area. She is also very picky. She loved these treats and I loved the ingredients.

    Katniss E.

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