Bearnola Bites


CRAFTED WITH wholesome ingredients you’d find in mom’s kitchen pantry, like cranberries, peanut butter, honey and oats, these Bearnola™ Bites are everything they’re baked up to be!

Our Story

IT ALL BEGAN with a rescue dog named Charlee. Charlee was a little dog who stole everyone’s heart because he looked like a teddy bear.


Grain Free Meaty Bites


INFUSED WITH real fruit or vegetables you can see, these meaty freeze dried treats are one of a kind! Just simple, whole food ingredients go into each treat.

Grain Free Crunch


CRAFTED WITH real chicken, turkey or pork for protein plus antioxidant-rich fruit and veggies, these Grain Free treats are loaded with flavor and have a light crunch dogs simply love.

CB_Website_ Less-than-3-Calories

THESE POCKET PERFECT® treats are only 3 calories each, which makes them perfect for frequent rewards.

Original Crunch


PREPARED WITH wholesome ingredients like garden veggies, cranberries, chicken liver and real cheese, our Original treats are baked to perfection for irresistible crunchiness and taste.


Trigger • 07-25-2019

We couldn’t wait to try @charlee_bear_dogtreats! They’re freeze dried, grain free and made in the USA!  they also are infused with superfoods for some extra yumminess  and Mr. Picky treat eater (Trigger) LOVES them! They’ve been added to the treat jar and will likely be a staple treat of ours


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