Who are the makers of Charlee Bear treats?

Gott Pet Products, located in St. Francis, Wisconsin. This company is owned and operated by the Gottsacker family, who has introduced millions of dogs to the terrific taste of Charlee Bear treats.

Where are your treats made?

All Charlee Bear treats are manufactured in the USA.  Our goal is to provide wholesome, nourishing, natural treats dogs simply can’t resist.

Can all dogs eat Charlee Bear treats?

Dogs of all shapes, sizes, temperaments and breeds love Charlee Bear treats! As with all treats, for safety reasons, please supervise your dog when feeding. Always consult with your veterinarian about the type of treat that is appropriate for the breed, size, age and health of your dog.

Puppies: We suggest waiting until your puppy is at least 12 weeks old before feeding treats of any kind. And we recommend our Charlee Bear Treats for puppies 6 months and older. If he/she is old enough to chew and swallow kibble, our treats should be fine. Observe your puppy when giving a treat to see if it is properly chewed and swallowed. When puppies are overly excited they may inhale and forget to chew, which could cause choking.

Adult dogs/older dogs: Older dogs love Charlee Bears because they are easy to chew and our simple ingredients make them easy to digest. Any dog can inhale or gulp a treat without chewing, which potentially could cause choking. For older dogs with dental issues, our treats can be easily broken into tiny pieces.

Can I give my dog Charlee Bears instead of food?

No. Although our treats are healthy and wholesome, they are not formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition.

What kind of dog is on the package?

The dog on our packages is a Charlee Bear. This medium-sized mixed breed was named after Charlee, the rescue dog who also inspired the name of our treats.

How many Charlee Bear treats can I give my dog in one day?

Charlee Bears are lower in calories than many canine treats, which means you can treat your dog often throughout the day. The exact number to feed depends on the breed and size of your dog, his/her current activity level and whether your dog is overweight. As a general rule, treats should not represent more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet.

Please work with your veterinarian to determine his/her ideal target weight.

Do Charlee Bear Treats contain calcium, magnesium and phosphorus?

All of our treats are considered low in calcium and magnesium and may contain small amounts of phosphorus from liver and wheat. A rough estimate on phosphorus would be .002 grams of a 1 gram treat.

How do you ensure the safety of your treats?

At Gott Pet Products, we take food safety very seriously. We use state-of-the-art technologies to verify the purity and quality of every batch. Because we know that your pet deserves nothing less.

Are Charlee Bear Treats good for training?

Charlee Bear treats are perfect for training your pup! Not only are they Pocket Perfect and won’t leave crumbs, smells or stains in your pockets, many of our treats have 6 calories or less. In fact, we’re even one of Animal Behavior College’s recommended treats. Our treats are widely used by dog trainers and loved by dogs everywhere.


Do these treats contain salt and sodium?

Our Original Recipe treats have salt added at a very low level. Salt is about 1/3 sodium. The Cheese & Egg flavor is slightly higher in salt/sodium due to the naturally occurring salt in cheese. To ingest 1 gram of sodium, your dog would have to eat more than half a bag of our Cheese & Egg treats and over a full bag of the other flavors at one time.

What is the fat content?

Our Original Recipe treats are low in fat. Due to the small size of each treat there would be less than .05 grams of fat per treat in the Cheese & Egg flavor and less than .03 grams of fat per treat in other flavors. A dog would need to eat 20 Cheese & Egg treats to get one gram of fat or 33 treats of any other flavor.

What is the protein content?

All Original Recipe flavors are regularly tested and have a minimum protein level of 18%. Dogs love the taste of real liver, cheese and eggs in our treats, and these ingredients provide a good level of protein.

Notice of recipe change

If you’ve noticed the Chicken Soup and Garden Veggie and the Turkey Liver and Cranberries Charlee Bear Treats look a little different, you are correct. In our effort to continually improve our products, we have made a change to one of the ingredients used for each of these products. The previous fruit and vegetable powders we were using were made with a higher content of the exterior skins. These could be seen as small darker particles on the surface of the treat. We have replaced this ingredient with fruit and vegetable powders with a decreased exterior skin content because we feel it produces a superior product for our customers. The changes we have made will not effect the ingredient statement nor the nutritional content of the products. They will simply look a little lighter and uniform in color. They will remain as tasty as they have ever been. We hope your furry friends will enjoy the improvement.


Are these treats truly grain free?

Yes! Our Grain Free Crunch treats contain no wheat or other grains. They are also made without soy or corn. For another grain free way to delight your dog, try Charlee Bear Meaty Bites.

How many calories are in each Grain Free Crunch treat?

Each treat weighs less than 1 gram and contains less than 3 calories. The calorie count in a typical medium size dog biscuit is 36. This means that you can give your dog 12 Grain Free Crunch treats and still be giving fewer calories than one biscuit.

What is the protein content?

All Grain Free Crunch flavors are regularly tested and have a minimum protein level of 22%. In addition to dehydrated chicken, turkey or pork, each flavor is packed with extra plant protein.

How big is each treat?

About the size of a penny and about twice as thick. You can feel good about feeding these treats for training or rewards because they’re less than 3 calories each.


Is it safe to handle raw, freeze dried treats?

Yes. But as a precautionary measure, we suggest that you wash your hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water after feeding. Also please don’t leave these treats outside of the bag on a counter where food for your family is prepared.

How long will the contents stay fresh after opening?

As long as the pouch is sealed securely, Meaty Bites will retain their irresistible texture and taste for several weeks. Just remember to squeeze excess air out of the pouch before sealing and store it in a cool, dry place.


How do you keep these clusters crunchy?

Simply seal the pouch securely until treat time comes around and store it in a cool, dry place. Bearnola Bites taste best if you feed them to your pet by the date listed on the back and that you use within 30 days once the package has been opened.

Why aren’t there any preservatives in Bearnola Bites?

Because of the special way they’re crafted and baked, an unopened package of Bearnola Bites will stay tasty, wholesome and crisp for over a year.

Can I enjoy Bearnola Bites with my pup?

While these treats smell delicious enough to eat, they are specially formulated for your favorite furry best friend.

Please note that some flavors of Bearnola Bites do contain nuts. Please do not consume or handle if you have a peanut or tree nut allergy.