Ava Olsen


Brand Ambassador

As anyone in the pet industry will tell you, Ava and Charlee Bear have been inseparable for over 25 years. In the early days, Ava used to load up her trusty Honda Civic and deliver treats door to door to pet stores. The canine trainers she worked with simply loved these healthy, natural treats and began to share them with their clients. They recognized that the treats gave people a way to interact with their dogs to train them, strengthen their bond and most importantly, to have fun. And slowly but surely, the popularity of Charlee Bear grew by grassroots efforts, winning the love and loyalty of retailers, trainers and consumers. As time went by, loyal fans started asking Ava for a grain-free version, which led to the introduction of Grain Free Crunch in 2014.

Ava has dedicated her time and positive energy to Charlee Bear since the beginning and it is what it is today because of all of her hard work and dedication. When she isn’t busy introducing a new generation of pet parents to Charlee Bear, Ava is out playing with her dog, Suerte, or spending time with her grandson.