Becka Sellnow


Inside Sales / Customer Care Representative

Becka brings a lot of energy to the Charlee Bear team. Which should come as no surprise, because she used to work as a quality assurance specialist at a nuclear equipment plant! Becka’s primary responsibility is understanding the needs and expectations of our great customers, and taking action on their behalf. She is also involved in processing customer requests for everything from regulatory data to product samples. Becka spends her spare time taking her two toddlers to the zoo, playgrounds and parks.

Pets: a Beta fish named Ana

If I was a dog, I would be a hound like my doggy nephews

I can’t live without my husband and kids

If I ran the world, I’d give every pet an endless supply of treats and belly rubs

I wish the Red Hot Chili Peppers would put on a concert just for me

What I like best about being on the Charlee Bear team: the collective dedication and teamwork to provide tasty treats to all our Charlee Bear pups.