Gina Schlueter


Brand Manager

A long-time dog enthusiast, this Milwaukee native is well versed in logistics and supply chain management. She has years of customer service and supervisor experience and was recently recognized as a Certified Continuous Improvement Manager by the Management and Strategy Institute. Her perfect weekend would include the beach, beer, family and sun.

Pets: A pup named Pacer

If I was a dog, I would be a Labradoodle for sure

I can’t live without Frank’s Red Hot, I put it on everything

If I ran the world, I’d give every pet a loving home

I wish Tim McGraw would put on a concert just for me

What I like best about being on the Charlee Bear team: The love and passion that goes into our products. Every ingredient that goes into our products has been thoroughly researched, and quality is never jeopardized by cost. There is true passion to produce truly nutritious treats and food for our fur babies.